what to do with used motorcycle helmets [6 Best way to utilize]

If you are a motorcyclist you have to face a very hard situation after every few years. when you thought what to do with used motorcycle helmets. You have to replace your motorcycle helmet. It’s very difficult and hard moment for every motorcyclist to change helmets.

Everything have a life span that’s why helmets also have expiration date. Helmets are very expensive so it would be very difficult to throw into waste. Hats why everybody seeing what to do with used motorcycle helmets.

If you are facing hard time decision and don’t finding a best way to what to do with used helmets. Here are list of some best ways to utilize your old helmets.

what to do with used motorcycle helmets

Some Best Way to know what to do with used helmets

Convert into Decoration Piece

I you believe or not the motorcycle helmets could be used as a decoration purposes. It’s very easy to change old motorcycle helmets into decoration pieces. There are many ways to make used motorcycle helmet make it classic decoration piece.

I know very peoples who was searching what to do with used motorcycle helmets and they find a fabulous way to utilize their old helmets. They convert their old used motorcycle helmets into beautiful lamps.

Its seems very classic and pretty lamps. Also it’s very easy to convert your old helmets into lamps. You just need to drill some holes and need a bulb to convert your beloved helmets into room lamp.

You can also put your old used helmets into your garage.it looks very cool if you put your all old helmets in garage. You can also revive your all old memories which are made with those old helmets every time when you visit your garage.

Bike Tank Painting

If you love bike tank painting and want do paint on your bike tank then it’s a good opportunity for you to enhance your painting skill. Mostly helmets curves are same as bike tank so you can set you hand on helmets and after that you can paint your own bike tank yourself.

I also did the same with old helmets .I collect old helmets and try to paint different art work on them and after practicing on old used helmets I able to do the same art on my bike tank and make tank amazing.


If you are conscious and want to see how helmets are protect in accident situation then it’s a good time for you to test durability. Now you have a time to check durability of your helmet. Now you can check your old helmets durability by doing different durability tests.

You can now its time for you to take hammer to test durability of helmet. Also you check durability by putting helmet in fort of car wheel. By doing these you will be able to check how helmet protect you in accidental conditions.

Donate to Schools

if you are still confuse what to do with used motorcycle helmets then donating it to any school is also a good way  utilize the old helmets. In schools old helmets are used in different meaningful purposes.

The old helmets in schools children are used these for their imagination. By wearing helmets they imagine there self-astronauts and police officers etc.

Before donating you old helmets to schools you have to take some safety measurements. You have to clean the whole helmets and sanitize the old helmets.

Recycle Helmets

If you don’t want to lose your favorite helmets you can also recycle it’ll the helmets are portable and change able. For this you have to find the service center near your area and talk to them.

For this you need to apart all the parts of the helmet and check which parts and reusable and which parts are need to change. This is the best to recycle your helmets and you don’t need to spend money on a new helmet.

Gift to some one

Although the helmet after expiration no too good for use but it works some bit good. Find around that who never wore helmet for some reasons or not able to buy new one. Gift that helmets to him because old is still helpful and good other than without helmet.


Here we discuss some best way to to answer the question what to do with used motorcycle helmets. We do our best to give solution of what to do with used motorcycle helmets. If you are still want more about what to do with used motorcycle helmets you can contact us.


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