Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid [TOP 4]

Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid

If we said there are some motorcycle helmets brands to avoid that  maybe unfair with those brands. As such, there is no brands which we need to avoid. Some things need to keep in mind while buying a helmets

Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid




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Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid That cant contains these Features

Safety Standard:

The first and most important thing while purchasing a helmet is safety. Before buying a helmet it’s most important to check that helmets which we want to buy are maintained safety standard. Make sure it’s certified from ISO or not.

If that brand is not certified you need to skip that choice and move on for next better option. We can certain time compromise on some things like weight shape colour but we can’t take a risk on safety measures.

While buying its very good if you check the brands details. You have to check the brands detail like name address phone number. Also verify the manufacturing country where they are manufactures and delivered to USA and UK.

Trusted Source/Website:

A trusted place also matters a lot. Sometimes some local e-commerce stores offering those products very cheap rates like they are offering in 100$ but its original price is 500$. Then it’s surely they are selling their original brands copies.

Some people compromise safety on some dollars. But a good decision is to avoid from buying those stores.

While in buying time keep in mind select Alibaba and well-reputed like these stores to purchase online.

Legally Selling:

Don’t think the product is available in us for selling its hundred percent safe of keeping all the measures. While buying a helmets also need to make sure those brands are legally selling in US UK. Maintaining all CPSC standards or not.US and UK make their some legal standards which are necessary for helmets brands to fulfill.

If that particular brand are certified form CPSC then you make a purchase from that brand .they surely fulfill the all the safety and security standards.

Heavy Weighted Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid :

According to my opinion the weight of helmet also matters a lot. If you used heavy weighted helmets on the time of crash also you have to bear heavy force on your neck. Some times that become very serious issue.

That’s always choosing light weight helmets. Some of very good brands of helmets like shoinetic have very heavyweight like 5 to 6 kg’s. Its cant tease in normal condition but dangerous in crashing situations.

Also if you choose heavy weight helmets then you should also prepare to face heavy torque on neck.


Fitment is also considerable and important factor. Some are round shaped which cover whole head .Some people like round shaped and some want open face helmets.

This feature is also for safety measures. If the helmets is not fitted with your head then there is no safety. Shape of helmets also depends on the material of helmets. Always prefer the aluminum material.

Safety Is more important than money. Always buy good helmets because your high value head more high rated helmets.

Low Ventilation Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid:

Ventilation is a necessary feature while selecting good helmets.All the good brands also make its necessary feature and provide very good ventilation in all good helmets.

Because every second in the racing track is very important so you can’t waste time on air crossing.


Visor is most important feature. While choosing a best helmets also keep in mind visor.

Visor must be sun rays protected. Also need to be visor must be fog protected water resistant.

Because we drive a bike in every condition in fogs, raining storms. A good visor is also sun protected. Protect the eyes from the sun rays and x rays. While bike riding the sun rays disturb so make sure the visor annti blocking sun rays or not. No need to compromise on sun visor.

Top Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid Very Difficult

Shoei QwestMotorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid

Shoie qwest is full face light weighted helmet. Which is best choice foe every rider. Its full secure helmet with all the safety certifications.




HJC IS-17Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid

HJC is very good choice its black coloured unique full face helmet. The visor is full covered anti sun blocking which provide full and very clear view.



AGV CorsaMotorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid

AGV Corsa is full face sports helmet. The weight of this helmets is very low .That’s make it easier to carry for a rider. It’s a full safety helmet. Which provide the full protection to the rider. Its 5 star rating helmet. Also top rated selling product on amazon.



Scorpion EXO-R410Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid

Scorpion EXO R410 is mate black helmets. its full face helmet. Its more safe and good choice for every peoples. This helmet is not for racing peoples. Its a regularly used light-weighted helmet. This Motorcycle Helmets Brands to Avoid  is unfair with this brand.

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