5 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Touring 2022[Reviews and Buyers Guide]

Just like the seat belt in a car or truck, a motorcycle helmet is a scientifically proven lifesaving device that can kill you if you crash. But even so, thousands of cyclists are still injured on the road every year because they choose to ride without helmets.

Usually, the common complaint about wearing the best best motorcycle helmet for touring 2022 for travel is their lack of comfort. This is especially true for long-distance cyclists, who are more likely to notice the accumulation of moisture in the helmet. Fortunately, there are many ventilated motorcycle helmets on the market today. But which one should you choose?

STORM Motorcycle Modular Full Helmet

1strom has been producing different helmets to meet different needs for many years. They also designed the helmets most suitable for use in hot summer weather, because many people drive during the day and on sunny days. They have the design, comfort and style required by riders in hot weather. The helmet also has anti-ultraviolet artificial flowers.

The helmet has built-in ventilation holes, which can provide a proper ventilation system in the helmet. These ventilation holes are located on the top, back and front of the helmet.

The first two top vents and the two top vents have adjustable switches, allowing the rider to have an excellent intake and exhaust system. In hot and sunny weather, this will provide maximum ventilation. It also keeps the rider cool and dry.


  • This is definitely a good helmet for summer.
  • Modular double sun visor
  • Anti-UV
  • Adjustable vent switch

SCORPIONEXO Cover Unisex Matte Black Helmet

The Scorpion helmet is a highly advanced development in the Scorpion helmet series. This helmet has been thoroughly designed to provide you with comfort and relaxation and protection. The helmet can be converted to be used with any type of motorcycle. The helmet is also considered the best motorcycle helmet for traveling.

The main feature of the helmet is that they use a perfect half helmet, and then increase the rear comfort cover, making it a ¾ open helmet. After this, it also comes with a front cover that you can install to get a strong and beautiful full-face helmet. These features allow you to choose to use these different arrangements for different weather.


Due to high temperature and cold weather, this helmet is equipped with double sun visors. One is a retractable colored sun visor. In the hot summer, different light conditions can avoid eye fatigue.


  • People think it is one of the best summer helmets.
  • Double sun visor
  • Air conditioning ventilation system


STORM motorcycle sun shield full face helmet

This 1storm helmet is also considered one of the best motorcycle helmets in hot weather. They put more energy and research into making helmets suitable for hot and cold weather. They aim to provide you with helmets that provide protection and comfort in all weather conditions.

The shell of the helmet is composed of a thermoplastic alloy shell, providing you with a strong and sturdy shell at a reasonable price. The quality of the shell material is high and can provide you with maximum protection.

The aerodynamic design of the helmet can provide you with a stable, comfortable and high-quality experience during riding. The helmet also has a beautiful, smooth appearance and has UV protection. Exposure to the sun for a long time in summer, this can protect your helmet from dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

The helmet is also equipped with an advanced modular double sun visor. They use a flip-up lens design, you can easily flip the outer transparent shield, and you can use the internal smoked lens under changing lighting conditions on a sunny day.


  • Light weight and reasonable price
  • powerful functions
  • Double mirror
  • Anti-UV finishing

YEMA Motorcycle Modular Full Helmet

Yema 926 is a professional high-end best motorcycle helmet for touring 2022.  The helmet has an elegant and fashionable appearance and many advanced functions. The helmet can be used for the best motorcycle helmets for travel, street bike racing, motocross racing, motocross and adventure.

It has an aerodynamic design to provide a stable and comfortable ride experience. The helmet is light, but strong and durable, and has a longer life than you might expect.

The helmet has EPS linings of various densities, which can better absorb shock in accidents and collisions. The helmet lining and pads are completely removable and washable, and can be used again. It will keep the helmet fresh, dry and clean.

It comes with an advanced double sun visor system. It comes with a switch for quick replacement of the sun visor and is very easy to use even when riding a bicycle. You can install the transparent sun visor without using any tools or other tools.


  • Elegant and stylish appearance
  • Quick release button
  • Adjustable intake and exhaust ports
  • Easy to adjust the sun visor


GLX UNISEX-ADULT GX15 Light Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

GLX helmets provide customers with high-quality helmets at very reasonable prices. These helmets provide customers with almost unparalleled comfort, quality and service. Their products provide users with excellent style, comfort and good adaptability.

This robust design shell provides perfect protection from shock and pressure. The material used to make the helmet has excellent sound insulation quality, ensuring you a perfect ride without deformation.

The helmet liner is completely removable, washable and can be used again.

It can also be completely replaced so that you have a longer time to lean on the helmet. The use of microfiber lining can dry all sweat and bring you comfort and freshness.

These sun visors are also scratch resistant, making the helmet more durable.


  • Double sun visor for use in hot summer
  • Quick release chin strap
  • Advanced exhaust system
  • Removable respiratory protection

FREEDCONN flip type double-layer sun visor Best Motorcycle Helmet for Touring 2022

The Freedconn full face helmet is the next helmet in the list of the best motorcycle helmets for hot weather. The Freedconn helmet comes with a slogan to make your riding experience more interesting. They provide safety and comfort as well as entertainment features. By providing convenient communication functions while riding, they can provide you with more protection.

This will ensure effective protection of your head and face.

It can keep you dry and comfortable even in the hot summer. .

There are air intakes and exhaust vents throughout the helmet to ensure a continuous cool air flow to keep the rider dry and cool.

The helmet has a dual sun visor system with a quick change mechanism.

AHR DOT motorcycle full helmet

This AHR helmet also provides protection and safety at the best price, so it is also listed as the best motorcycle helmet list for hot weather. It also has the function of providing you with the greatest degree of sun protection and harmful UV protection.

The aerodynamic design of the shell ensures that the rider reduces noise and resistance during riding. This will create an interesting riding experience for the rider.

It has removable and washable cheek pads to facilitate cleaning by the rider. It will keep the helmet clean and odor-free.

The ventilation is also very good, comparable to the high-priced popular helmets mentioned above.

In addition, the helmet also has a built-in dual sun visor system.  The front sun visor is very hard and highly elastic, which can prevent serious shocks in the event of an accident.


  • Sturdy helmet.
  • Double sun visor
  • reasonable price
  • Aerodynamic design


People who ride in the hot summer definitely want a helmet that provides the best ventilation system to keep it cool and dry. With the continuous development of the Moto helmet industry, they have advanced functions and development. The sun visor of the ventilation system is improved every day and new modifications are made.



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