Latest 2021 best bike helmet for big heads [Top Picks]

If I say helmets are very important for us it’s true without any doubt. Helmets save our lives and provide protection to us .Also makes personality too cool. The selection of best helmets is very difficult. Finding a helmets for best fit size is hard.

Some peoples are searching a helmets for their big heads and facing issues for finding best bike helmet for big heads. Finding a best fit sized helmets according to head size is like a dreams come true for some peoples. This article is purely for those riders who have bigger heads from others average heads.Best motorcycle helmet for a big head

Keep in mind while choosing best bike helmet for big heads

Helmets Size

Obviously while choosing a helmets for big head is size of helmet. Almost all the helmets are come in different sizes. Some helmets are come in small size medium size and large size. Some companies makes some helmets for big head rides and provide extra-large size helmets.

Comfort Level

While choosing a best bike helmet for big heads comfort level is also very important factor. If you want best experience while choosing a helmet for big head you have to choose high padding helmet.

Heavy padding helmet give you more comfort and protection. And heavy padding helmets are highly recommended for big heads.

Shell Material

We knew that helmet padding how much important for us .same like that the material of shell also very important. Helmet shell protects the helmet pads. If the material of shell is heavy then it protects very well helmets pads.

Also we have to keep in mind while choosing best bike helmet for big heads material is important but you have to check how much weighted helmet you carry. Heavy material helmet are cause of stress for neck.

Quality of Visor

Helmets are come with two type’s visors. Some helmets are dual visors and some are single. The main thins are that we keep in mind while choosing best helmet for big head is that the visor is scratches less Anti air and for resistant.


Because we are looking for best helmet for big head then usually are large sized helmets are full face helmets. Also we used helmets in all types’ weathers. If you want to use helmets in hot climates areas then you have to check the ventilation system of the helmets.

Always prefer those helmets which have good ventilation system and provide good air flow during riding in hot weathers.

How to select a best size helmets which fit on big head

It’s also difficult decision that how to measure that this helmet fit or not?. The main step is that check the fitment of the helmets .If I say that new riders didn’t know which helmet fit or which is not fit it’s not wrong.

When you bought a new helmet is slightly tight .Even you fee somebody in compressing your head. But after some times it’s loose and adjust to your face and chicks. But it’s not very painful for you even its new.

The best suggestion from helmets dealers for big head riders is that after wearing a helmets there is a two finger space between helmets pads and chicks have or not. If the space is very less then you have to move on large size helmet.

But also you have a knowledge that some companies made helmets with adjustable padding size. You can adjust pads slim or fit according to your face and comfort.

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Top best bike helmet for big heads

HJC CL-17 best bike helmet for big heads

Best motorcycle helmet for a big head

HJC is the best choice for those riders who are searching for a helmets for their big heads for a long time. This helmets also comes in very affordable price. The main advantage of this helmets is very motorcycle helmet for a big head

Its top rated selling helmets on amazon and different stores. Lots of happy customers of this helmets.

Also keep in mind this helmets is comes with single chicks pads if you have to change pads you have buy separately. Its pads are come with default size.



  • This helmets come with ultra UV protection
  • For more security it’s have a side face shield mechanism.
  • Have fabulous airflow system which provide comfort in any weather condition.
  • Its pads and are adjustable and washable.
  • Size of pads also changeable according to best fit.

Little Bit Expensive


Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated 

Best motorcycle helmet for a big head

Torc 14b helmet is best choice for those riders who have more concern with protection and want extreme level protected helmet. This is more capable from other all helmets in accidental condition. Its provide you more safety and keep you head unharmed if you had an motorcycle helmet for a big head

This helmet is also dot and ECE certified and according to us and uk safety measures. The outer shell of the helmet is also mode to thermos polymer which make it more durable. This helmets is also come in extra-large size and a good choice for big head riders who are searching for best motorcycle helmet for big head.

Other best advantage of this helmets is that is come with lining that absorb all the moisture and keep the helmet safe from making smell. Its also come with dual visor so you can also wear while riding in dusty areas.

  • Absorb moisture
  • Dual speakers
  • Bluetooth
  • Available in extra-large size
  • Washable liner pads

Little bit heavy


Shoei Neotec II best bike helmet for big heads

Best motorcycle helmet for a big head

If you have a money and want to spent for a buying a best helmets for a big head then I recommend you to buy a Shoei Neotic II.At present time in the market best helmet for big head people for big heads is shoei Neotic. It’s a best gift for big head motorcycle helmet for a big head

If you are a rider and love long touring you should have to buy this one. This helmets provide you more comfortable during riding. Its sleek design also enhance your personality.

Its comes with wide range of colour and sizes. This helmet come with large and extra-large sizes. It’s fit for all big head riders. Also its liner pads are adjustable and washable.



  • Available In XXL size
  • Aerodynamic sleek design
  • High Quality visor
  • Washable liner pads
  • High Price
  • Not Everyone afford


Frequently asked Queries?

Should a motorcycle helmet squeeze your cheeks?

Yes if you are buying a full face motor cycle helmet then its squeeze your cheeks little bit and push your cheeks. If you bought open face more cycle helmets then its not squeeze your cheeks.

Why does my motorcycle helmet hurt my head?

May be your helmet heavy weighted and you can’t fit to your head that’s may be possible your helmet hurts you.

Do motorcycle helmets loosen up?

Yes helmet loosen up. When you start regularly wearing a helmet then the inner pads of helmets are loose.

How tight should a full face helmet fit?

The full face helmets should be move according to your face movement. Full face helmet have to make some pressure on cheeks and adjust with skin and have to move with face movement.

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