Best Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021  [Complete Buyer Guide]

Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021 are some of the most popular helmets on the market. The Bell Bullitt helmet, on the other hand, has a sportier design than this one.

Therefore, most riders prefer this helmet for street racing rather than for racing on tracks. It has a unique interior that is specially designed to handle rotational impacts. Let’s see what the Bell Star helmet has to offer.

OUR Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021

Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021 


The Bell Star DLX MIPS is thinner to make it more comfortable for wearers. Mostly used by commuters who ride upright. As the only helmet in its price range with a DLX visor, the helmet provides superior protection to the face. The wearer will notice an immediate transition effect within seconds after wearing the visor, since it is made of Photo-chromatic material.

This feature makes the helmet suitable for use at night as well. A narrow neck opening is also included in the Bell Star DLX MIPS to accommodate high speeds. The helmet also features foam cheek pads that make it smaller and more compact. Due to the compressed nature of the foam, you get a break in margin above 20-25 percent.

The X-Static liner also prevents sweat from odorizing the helmet, making it highly wearable. Since the lining of the X-Static fabric is pure metallic silver, that’s why. In terms of build quality, the outer frame is made from a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Aramid is also responsible for its lightweight design. There are three vents on the DLX MIPS-two on the chin and one on the brow.

A slider installed on the interior makes it easy to operate the chin vent. However, its aerodynamics are not as impressive as that of the Bell Star RSD.


  • It is easier to fit a smaller profile.
  • Fabric resistant to static ensures sanitary conditions in the interior.
  • A photochromatic visor blocks sun rays and enhances vision.


  •  In comparison to the Bell Star RSD, it is less aerodynamic.


Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021


The Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021  has an outer frame that is hard to break. Fiberglass is blended with carbon and aramid to create this composite. A proportional mixture of compounds is used to ensure a rigid structure.  Bell Star probably offers the best security of all entry-level helmets in the entry level segment. A DOT approved and FMVSS 218 compliant system, the Bell Star DLX MIPS meets these regulations.

Furthermore, all Bell Star helmets in the United States are certified and reviewed by SNELL. The Bell helmet is the first to be certified by SNELL. This helmet has been approved by SNELL since 2015. The built quality of every product is examined through rigorous tests. It also receives a decent SHARP rating of 5 stars. Besides being 1.5 kg lighter than its kin, the Pro Star and Race Star, it has the same size as well. The European variant of the Bell Star comes in at 1.25 kg, which is a difference from the US version.

Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021 has better shock absorption than the Bullitt variant. A regular expanded MIPS and EPS lining is included on the helmet’s interior as well. The helmet also has a polyolefin lining beneath its fabric interior. The lining is designed to protect against impact during rotational movements. The lining also protects the wearer’s skull from low and mid-speed accidents.


Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021 has a much better ventilation system than Bell Bullitt. Three vents connect the interior of the Bell Star DLX MIPS to the perimeter of the vehicle. Its porous surface facilitates the passage of lighter hot air through each vent. On the Bell Star DLX MIPS, you get a double chin vent, a double brow vent, and a double crown vent. In the lower front part of the helmet, the double chin vent is accessible via an easy-to-operate slider.

In addition, the helmet’s top and rear portions feature a Brow vent and a Double Crown vent. There are small sliders on the helmet’s interior that can control all these vents. Although these sliders are hard to operate with leather gloves, once you get the hang of it, you’ll get used to it.


The wide aperture and high quality visor of Bell helmets make them stand out. There are three different Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021 models: the DLX, DLX MIPS, and the DLX MIPS.

On any type of road or track, this large aperture provides the rider with a wide and peripheral view. The company’s Panovision visor is a trademark. Panovision is also the name of its visor.

Pinlock MaxVision technology is featured on the Bell Star with its photochromic material. In foggy weather, this technology ensures clearer vision for the user.

An image is reflected on the wearer’s retina due to its magnifying power of 1. Furthermore, the visor provides protection against damaging UV rays.


It is superior to the Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021 in terms of comfort. Although the Bell Star is a budget model, it is constructed from high-quality materials

For comfort, this helmet has two linings that are unique. It is true that adding silver to the interior lining increased the price, but it also increased comfort. The Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021 ranges are the only one with silver on the interior lining. This Bell Star has a silver X-static XT2 liner.

There are silver threads integrated into the fabric of this helmet. Because silver has antimicrobial properties, bacteria and sweat odors are kept at bay.

By reducing the skin surface temperature by up to 10°F, the X-static XT2 lining is similar to the Virus Cool Jade lining. There is no possibility of water entering the vents, but the interior lining isn’t water-resistant either.

XS to XXL sizing is available for the Bell Star DLX MIPS. All helmet sizes are intermediate oval sizes, and each variant has its own price.


Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2021 have been around since 1967. The public at that time was not fond of street or track racing. During this period, Bell redesigned and modified the Star model in response to market demands. Now, it comes with Panovision Class 1 optics, the X-Static liner, and the X-Static liner. In spite of the price, it is better than Bell Bullitt despite its higher features.

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