Best Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022 [Exclusive Guide]

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022, Bell Star is the iconic manufacturer of the helmet. Bell has been designing helmets with this classic design since the 1970s. Its massive viewport makes it one of the best. Other full-face helmets, such as the Biltwell Gringo, don’t provide the same level of peripheral vision like this one does. You receive a wider opening, better protection, and the DOT and ECE certifications are guaranteed.

A new feature on the Bullitt is its three low-profile carbon composite shells, which makes it even more appealing to riders. The user is also comforted by the Venturi vents on hot summer days. A series of speaker pockets have been crafted on the surface of the cheek pads, so they are comfortable, as well. These leather cheek pads are washable and made from 100% genuine leather.

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022

Black Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022 have a leather magnetic tab which makes them even more attractive. The metal pods and the visor are attached to it as a supporting frame. When riding slow, you might hear a faint whistle coming from the helmet. Basically, this is the wind noise that can be heard when keeping your visor partially open. At high speed (above 75km/h), even if the shield is fully opened, the whistling becomes louder. This phenomenon is noticed by many, and it occurs because the Bell Bullitt offers a wide aperture. Aside from its plethora of features, the Bell Bullitt also meets the FMVSS 218 Standards.

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022

Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022


  • Shells made of carbon composite are more durable and low-profile
  • A chin vent and a Venturi vent provide better ventilation
  • A leather cheek pad provides better comfort


  • A high selling price makes the product less affordable
  • At higher speeds, the visor is always kept fully open, resulting in a strong whistling sound.


There are numerous sellers in the market who offer the best and lowest prices for the Bell Bullitt. The helmets appear to be fake, unfortunately. Think about these features before making a purchase to avoid such scams buying a Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022.


A helmet’s quality and safety can be assured by certain certifications. A DOT rating, issued by the Department Of Transportation, is the first thing to consider. Worldwide recognition is given to helmets that have DOT ratings.

In spite of exceeding the DOT mandated standards, the Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022 lacks an acceptable rating. A rating of 3/5 can be considered a low score considering its price range. A second rating that is universally accepted is the ECE certification. As a condition of receiving this certification, a helmet must undergo a strict test program that determines how safe it is for the wearer. Economic Commission for Europe certifies and approves the Bell Bullitt helmet as ECE compliant. Besides the United Kingdom, it is accepted by 46 other countries because it is ECE-certified. During the approval process, the Bell Bullitt needs to be lowered from a certain height onto a tough sphere.

Thirdly, SNELL is an internationally recognized certification. Bike racing events are the most common events for SNELL ratings. The Bell Bullitt does not have a SNELL rating as it has not yet been reviewed. It was awarded SHARP approval by the UK government for its Bell Bullitt helmet. This helmet scores a 3/5 SHARP rating, which is quite decent for a helmet of this price. Bell Bullitt helmets are made with polycarbonate material with an aluminum framework. Helmets with this feature are available in the highest price ranges. In addition, most Bell models have been rated 5/5 by the DOT.


The helmet should correspond to the size of your head in order to provide optimal comfort. From oval to long oval helmets, each type is available in many different sizes. Bell Bullitt helmets, for example, come in oval sizes with proper padding. It has a great fit and smooth suede lining that allows the rider to be comfortable all day long. Additionally, the EPS foam padding keeps the head from getting too heavy.


The Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022 comes in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit any preference. From Gloss Black to Gloss Yellow, there are more than seven color variations to choose from. This helmet has a lustrous design which is the first thing that people notice. It is most popular to buy a yellow Bell Bullitt because of its appearance.


Shells are available in three sizes- Adult, Moto9, and Youth. It is designed for riders under 25 years of age and is the smallest variant. It is not as large as the adult. The Moto9 is medium in size. The shell sizes are further classified into six fitting sizes that range from XS to 2XL. Getting the perfect fit may require you to try a larger size than what you normally wear. It is because of the intermediate oval shape of the Bell Bullitt. In contrast to the flat variant, the bubble variant is more spacious. A Bell Bullitt bubble has more space between the visor and the face.


Helmets protect you like a guardian angel while you are riding. It’s always a pleasure to ride in the Bell Bullitt. Furthermore, this marvelous work is nothing less than a precious crown. As a feature-rich vehicle, the Bell Bullitt fulfills all universally accepted safety standards. Therefore, order online and grab the gloss black Bell Bullitt today. we did our best  to provide our honest best Bell Bullitt Helmet Review 2022.


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